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Outside Protection

The rain clouds are looking threatening on The Mornington Peninsula today, but so is this wireless CCTV and LED lighting set-up we’re installing. No criminal wants to get caught under one of these.

Easy as ABC, 123 (for internet hackers anyway).

Password management firm SplashData has recently compiled more than 2 million passwords leaked over the course of 2015, to find the most commonly used (and worst) passwords. Top of the list of terrible passwords is 123456, followed closely by variations, such as 1234, 12345 and 12345678. Some of the other hot-contenders include:

  • password
  • qwerty
  • abc123
  • letmein
  • login
  • passw0rd

All of the high-quality security systems that we install have multiple layers of security and are password protected, but if you don’t chose a decent password, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable.  We recommend using long passwords that are different for each login. And don’t limit yourself to passwords that you can remember – there are plenty of online password managers that are available to help you keep track of them all.

So if any of the passwords that you use could win an award for popularity, we strongly suggest you change them right away before a breach in your security has internet scammers singing their way to the bank.

Work boots off at the door.

Not only are our technicians equipped with all the tools of the trade, but they also carry dust sheets, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products. Because we take as much much pride in looking after your home or business, as we do in the quality of our work.

Don’t forget your clocks. Or your security system!

This weekend  signals the end of daylight savings. When we gain an extra hour in bed, but lose those long summer evenings. And while it’s likely that most smart phones and computers will automatically change the time for you, your security system may not.

Why should you worry if your security system’s time is correct? Well, video evidence from a CCTV system may not be admissible in court if the time is wrong, or your alarm system may not send test signals to the monitoring station at the expected time, leading to false alerts. These and many other reasons means it’s important your security system is up to date.

If you’re unsure how to check the time and date, or don’t know if your system will update automatically for day light savings, give us a call on 1300 685 504

Red Flag team heads to the Security Expo

The Red Flag boys headed to Melbourne Exhibition Centre for the annual Australian Security Expo.

The Expo is the nation’s leading Security event filled with educational events and innovative ideas for the Red Flag team to feast on.

With access to the major security equipment suppliers, it’s an opportunity to network and learn what new and innovative security technologies are on or coming to the market.

Of course, there is always time to stop for a hard earned beer!

Red Flag Security Expo



Recent break in Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula

According to the Mornington Peninsula News, in the early morning of 16 May 2016, the normally quiet area of Red Hill had several businesses targeted by burglary.

Six local businesses were raided by the same person including a service station, restaurant, pharmacy and motor repair shop.

Being a local Mornington Peninsula business ourselves, Red Flag Systems would like to extend a 15% discount to any business located in Red Hill who would like to increase their security provisions at their premises.

We hope to provide peace of mind to those who have been left feeling vulnerable after this recent spate of thefts.  Red Flag Systems specialise in commercial security systems offering a tailored solution to suit each client based on their specific requirements and budget.

For all your Mornington Peninsula security requirements including CCTV systems and security alarms call us today for a free quote on 1300 685 504.

What is a door intercom and what is the benefit of having one

A door intercom is a communication system for use in commercial or domestic buildings which allows the occupants to conveniently speak or see any visitor upon arrival prior to giving access to the building.

A door intercom can be an audio or video system.  An audio door intercom allows the occupant to speak to the visitor prior to allowing entry.  A video intercom system allows the occupant to not only speak to the visitor but also see them on a video monitor prior to giving access.

A door intercom is a unit which is mounted near the front entrance to the property.  When a visitor arrives, the occupant is made aware of their arrival via a door bell.  The benefit of a door intercom system is that you don’t have to open your front door to find out who is there.  The safety of being able to confirm the identity of the person prior to letting them in can provide great comfort and peace of mind for the home owner or business owner.

Red Flag Systems can provide a range of solutions of door intercom systems for both commercial and residential properties.  Visit our intercom systems page for further details on some of our offerings or feel free to call us on 1300 685 504 to discuss your Melbourne intercom system requirements.  We offer free quotes to all home owners and businesses for door intercom systems throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula and can provide customised solutions based on each client’s specific needs and budget.

How to check your security service provider is licensed and qualified to work in your home or workplace.

Security providers in Australia are legally required to be licensed under the The Private Security Act 2004. This act was created to protect clients with security and peace of mind when employing anyone in the security industry. In the State of Victoria, any company providing security services must have a Private Security Licence or Registration issued by Victoria Police.

As a licensed security provider, Red Flag Systems takes seriously the right of its clients to check its license and registration. Any member of the public can check the license status of any company employed in the security industry by going to the Register of Licence, Registration and Permit Holders at:


The information contained on the register includes the following information about security providers:

  • Name
  • Licence or Registration type
  • Licence or Registration number
  • A list of activities authorised to be carried out under the license or registration, and
  • Licence or Registration expiry date.

If you are considering employing a security company, or have already done so, it is important that you check they are legally licensed under State law. If they are not you could find yourself with shoddy workmanship, incorrectly installed equipment, and the risk of unverified and unlicensed individuals having access to your home and workplace.

Keep yourself safe and check your security provider’s licence today!

Home automation – a sneek peak at the future

Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk into a home that was welcoming, warm, and secure? And wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that without having to fumble around for different remotes and keys?

Home automation is the way of the future. Home automation can provide a range of options for you and your family that can all be linked to your security system. Imagine the thermostat in your home automatically adjusting when the security system was activated and deactivated, making sure to save power when you are out, but to have to house at the perfect temperature when you return. It would be like your house was personally welcoming you home!

Not only can you set the temperature, you can also set your lights to turn on and off in different sections of your house when you leave and when you come back. Never forget to turn your security lights off and on again! This system will warn away any potential mischief makers by making your house look occupied at the most important times.

Never worry about losing your keys again! By syncing your security system with your smartphone and devices, with the push of a button you will be able to lock and unlock your home. No more scrambling around in your handbag, or running late to pick the kids up because you have misplaced the keys.

Concerned about windows or doors being left unlocked after you have gone to bed? You can rest easy with a home automation system that enables you to set your security system and at the same time lock doors and windows. Or perhaps the kids have got home and forgotten the keys, but you are still at work and unable to get home to let them in. With the home automation system, you can unlock the house from your desk by using your tablet or smartphone. Check up on the kids from the same device by viewing your home camera system remotely. Never worry about the safety of your family again.

Home automation is the perfect way to seamlessly integrate your home and security needs. Easy and fun to use, the whole family will enjoy knowing that not only is your house secure, but it will be happily waiting to welcome you home whenever you choose to return.

Ask us today about home automation and what it can do for your home.  Call on 1300 685 504.

The Benefits of a Back to Base Monitoring Alarm System


How often do you hear an alarm going off in your street and ignore it?

For many of us, we would be a little ashamed of the answer to that question. The truth is, often the idea of potentially finding ourselves involved in a crime situation is enough to keep us from checking untended alarms.

With growing crime rates in Melbourne, home and business security systems are more vital than ever. Instead of entrusting your neighbours to check on your sounding alarm, Red Flag Systems offers a back to base remote monitoring service.

How it works

With a back to base remote monitoring system, when an incident occurs that triggers your alarm, the monitoring centre will be alerted. Once they are aware of the alarm trigger, they will call a phone nominated by you to inform you that your alarm has been triggered. This means that wherever you are, and no matter the time, you will be aware of what is happening on your premises.

There are a variety of things that can be monitored by a back to base service. Not only will they monitor business security systems and home security systems, they also cover commercial security systems, fire and smoke alarms, and emergency/panic alarms. This means that your property, at home and work, is being protected not only from crime, but also electrical faults and accidents. You will also be able to rest easy knowing that help is only an alarm away whether you are at home or away.

Red Flag Systems remote monitoring service is operated by the most highly trained technicians. They have all submitted themselves to police checks and quality training, and are therefore ready and able to look after your home and belongings. Melbourne security services have never been so safe!

 This service runs 24/7, so you never have to worry about your alarm being ignored again. Not only does this mean that your assets will be protected, it also offers peace of mind that someone is watching over your most valued possessions at all times. Don’t be afraid of leaving your property unattended over night, or on holiday. Never worry again about home invasion or crime affecting you and your family.

 Don’t leave the safety of your property in the hands of people who may ignore it at its most vulnerable. Trust Red Flag Systems back to base monitoring service to keep you informed and to protect you and your family. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Red Flag Systems offers competitive remote monitoring rates so call us today on 1300 685 504 to protect your business or home.

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