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Your business. Let's keep crime out of it.

Break-ins are bad news for business. A single incident can have a major effect – impacting profitability, reducing staff morale and, in extreme cases, seriously threatening your ability to trade, especially if your data is compromised. We’re here to get your security up to scratch.

Let’s talk onions.

‘Peeling the onion’ is an established security assessment technique. It simply means starting at the outside and working inwards. When we first visit your site, we’ll split your business into several layers (environment, perimeter, shell, interior, people, procedures) and make sure that all potential risks and threats are considered before recommending the right products for your business.

Since we don’t like giving criminals an easy ride, this service is completely free of charge.

We don’t take a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

The ‘onion’ survey helps us to find solutions that are appropriate, realistic, and cost-effective. We will never recommend equipment that is disproportionate to the risks you’re facing. And since our products are built to last, we will only recommend systems that can flexibly scale with your business. The result is maximum security protection, right from the start.

Always there, even when you’re not.

Red Flag Systems offers several options for your alarm systems and security needs. Here’s a snapshot of what our services can do for you.

  • Advanced business alarm solutions – Monitor and secure your assets 24/7.
  • Remote monitoring and patrol response – No more wondering “did I forget to set the alarm?” If you slipped up, your 24-hour manned monitoring station will tell you. And they’ll also contact key holders, security guards or the emergency services on alarm activation for a fast, crime-busting response.
  • Perimeter protection – Infrared beams and motion sensors can trigger your alarm system before an intruder even steps foot onto your property for a wide range of applications including car parks, delivery bays and storage yards.
  • Sensor technology – Monitor movement, vibration, sound, door/window opening, floods in basements and pump rooms and changes of temperatures in cold storage facilities and make sure your assets are always protected.
  • Temporary security – Say goodnight to expensive security guards and protect your construction site with advanced wireless technology that adapts to your security needs throughout the construction process.
  • Disciplined installation –  We’re committed to promoting the best quality services and installation. Which sounds like marketing fluff. But it basically means we’ll turn up when we say we will, do a cracking job, and cause the minimum of disruption to your business.
  • Planned preventative maintenance – Detect potential bugs in a security system before they occur. We make sure that your systems work and are maintained in optimum condition, to keep your costs down.

Questions? Get in touch on 1300 685 504 and book your free consultation with the Mornington Peninsula security experts. You won’t be disappointed!



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