CCTV Systems

Lights, camera, court action.

If there’s one individual who doesn’t want their fifteen minutes of fame, it’s an intruder. CCTV lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and business while sending a clear message to potential criminals – that nothing goes unseen.

Eyes everywhere (even the blind spots)

Our systems can combine any number of high-resolution, intelligent cameras so you can keep tabs on every corner of your property at the same time. Number plate recognition, facial identification and motion tracking can all help capture the vital evidence required to prosecute offenders, for added crime prevention.

Our cameras know the difference between day and night

Our video surveillance systems automatically switch between day and night modes so you can be sure they’re getting a good view of intruders, even in zero-light level conditions.

“I gave you $20 and you only gave me change for $10”

Hidden in smokes alarms, movement sensors, clocks or sprinklers, we can install covert CCTV systems to protect your merchandise, prove a staff member’s innocence and help catch thieves in the act.

Surveillance on-the-go

Access your live CCTV feed and past recordings anytime from anywhere using your PC or smartphone. Choose options for simultaneous viewing so you can keep an eye on all your remote security cameras in your business or your home.

Maintained for your convenience

We offer first rate technical support and maintenance services for existing CCTV systems (whether we installed them or not). Our customers like what we do so much, they keep on hiring us. We’re pretty proud of that.

Get total peace of mind (and a free quote)

A Red Flag Systems consultant will be happy to come to your business or home and recommend the perfect CCTV solution. To arrange a visit, just call 1300 685 504 or request a callback.


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We’ve partnered with Hikvison, the word’s largest supplier of CCTV equipment, to provide you with access to their fantastic product range.  And all of our technicians are Hikvision trained and certified.

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