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We don't open the door to strangers, (we're smart, and safe as houses)

Intercom systems for homeowners

An intercom is your doorway ninja, providing the convenience of a doorbell but with the added security of allowing you to screen visitors before granting or denying them access. Our systems are designed to offer an affordable additional layer of security – especially useful for the elderly and those who live alone.

  • Stop the kids opening the door to strangers
  • Say “no” to salesman without ever having to endure the sales pitch
  • Check who’s dropped by while you’ve been away; picture memory recording lets you watch at your convenience
  • Seamless entry for apartment block residents and visitors sharing communal entrances and living spaces
  • Answer the door by mobile phone from anywhere in the world
  • Total control of your front door.

Intercom systems for businesses

Reliable, scalable, and extremely cost-effective – commercial intercom systems are the first line of defence for security-savvy businesses.?

  • Prevent malicious visitors or out of hours calls
  • Keyless entry with integral coded access pads or swipe card access
  • Buzz visitors in following identification, so there is no need for a receptionist to be at the front of the building at all times
  • Control car park barriers and sensitive data storage facilities
  • Easily manage multiple site accesses
  • Make your insurers happy.

Are all intercom systems the same?

No. Some manufacturers we support, others we definitely do not support. This is one area where you get what you pay for. Still, you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a reputable intercoms system. We vet all the market-leading intercoms solutions against our own stringent control standards. The products we recommend strike just the right balance between functionality, quality and value.

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