Grade A1 Monitoring

We’ve partnered up with Security Monitoring Centres, one of Australia’s leading providers of remote monitoring who are certified by ASIAL as a Grade A1 monitoring centre.


Remote Monitoring

Safeguard your home or business with 24/7 remote monitoring.

Unfortunately, the common occurrence of poorly installed security systems being activated for no apparent reason means the sound of an alarm is often ignored. Therefore it is vital that in the event of your alarm being activated, you or other authorised key holders are notified of the breach to your property’s security.

Red Flag Systems partner with SMC to monitor their customer’s alarm systems. The highly trained staff and operators at the ASIAL certified Grade A1 monitoring centres will ensure your security requirements are dealt with quickly and efficiently. They can dispatch a security patrol response to investigate the cause of an activation and notify the authorities when required. And you’ll be instantly updated with what is found at the property, keeping you and your family out of harms way.

Some of the benefits of having your alarm system monitored include;

  • Monitor intruder, fire, medical and duress alarms
  • Patrol response to alarm events when required
  • Early open and late-to-close notifications – ideal for businesses monitoring staff arrival times
  • SMS or email alerts for low priority events such as power fails
  • Smart phone app for remote control of your alarm with our 3G communicators
  • Fixed monthly cost with no lock-in contract

Wireless 3G Monitoring

It’s not uncommon for an intruder to cut telephone lines and switch off power to a property in order to disable an alarm system. Installing a 3G wireless communicator is the perfect solution, allowing the critical alarm signals to be sent to the monitoring centre on a secure private network within the Optus or Telstra mobile networks, and all protected with a back-up battery.

The communicator also monitors the integrity of the communications link between the alarm system and the monitoring centre at regular intervals. Depending on your security requirements this interval, also known as a polling plan, can be from every 12 hours right down to every 20 seconds. If the monitoring station doesn’t receive one of these scheduled signals they will action this as an alarm event. And unlike the old-fashioned dialler monitoring which relied on a telephone line, it also has the benefit of fixed monthly costs with no additional phone call charges.



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Did you know that insurers will often reduce your premiums if you have back to base alarm monitoring?

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