Access control systems allow authorised personnel to enter controlled, restricted or secure spaces by presenting an access credential to the credential reader. In short, it keeps the bad guys out and lets the good guys in. Controlled by PIN, fob, swipe card, fingerprint or facial recognition, they increase security and leave an auditable trail of where your people have been.

We specialise in the installation of access control systems to secure apartment buildings, office blocks, factories, warehouses, and remote gates. Scalable systems that control multiple sites, or standalone systems for a single door, and smartphone technology that allows you to monitor and control the movement of people or vehicles from wherever you are.

High Security and Low Costs


One of the key benefits (excuse the pun) compared to a traditional key and lock style access system is where if a key is lost or stolen you go through the costly exercise of changing locks and re-issuing keys.

Whereas an electronic access control system allows you to quickly remove the individual credential from the system, keeping the building secure and not inconveniencing anyone. And using fobs, cards, fingerprints or facial identification, these high security credentials cannot be cut, copied or duplicated.

High security without the hassle.



Working on the risk management principle of least privilege (PoLP), where only the minimum permissions required by a user are permitted, an electronic access control system allows you to restrict access into and throughout your site to authorised personnel only. Access can have time-based or role-based restrictions, or a mixture of both. And this can all be managed remotely. Simply issue a proximity card, key fob or PIN code (in the industry we refer to these as credentials) to staff and then choose what permissions they have – where can they go and when. Need to quickly grant a staff member access to a part of the building they don’t normally require access to? Easily done with a click of a button on your smartphone.

Security without Inconvenience


Importantly, an access control system also provides a historical log of staff movement. Monitor arrival and departure times and see who went where and when at any time. A staff member tried to access an area they shouldn’t, or maybe a door has been left unsecured – an access control system can flag these events and allow you to provide a quick response. Maintaining security to your premises always, yet still conveniently providing your staff with the access they need to get on with the job.



At Red Flag Systems we provide ongoing maintenance checks for our access control systems – customers are given a reminder every time a maintenance is due to ensure that their access control system continues to protect them well in the future.

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