How often do you hear an alarm going off in your street and ignore it?

For many of us, we would be a little ashamed of the answer to that question. The truth is, often the idea of potentially finding ourselves involved in a crime situation is enough to keep us from checking untended alarms.

With growing crime rates in Melbourne, home and business security systems are more vital than ever. Instead of entrusting your neighbours to check on your sounding alarm, Red Flag Systems offers a back to base remote monitoring service.

How it works

With a back to base remote monitoring system, when an incident occurs that triggers your alarm, the monitoring centre will be alerted. Once they are aware of the alarm trigger, they will call a phone nominated by you to inform you that your alarm has been triggered. This means that wherever you are, and no matter the time, you will be aware of what is happening on your premises.

There are a variety of things that can be monitored by a back to base service. Not only will they monitor business security systems and home security systems, they also cover commercial security systems, fire and smoke alarms, and emergency/panic alarms. This means that your property, at home and work, is being protected not only from crime, but also electrical faults and accidents. You will also be able to rest easy knowing that help is only an alarm away whether you are at home or away.

Red Flag Systems remote monitoring service is operated by the most highly trained technicians. They have all submitted themselves to police checks and quality training, and are therefore ready and able to look after your home and belongings. Melbourne security services have never been so safe!

 This service runs 24/7, so you never have to worry about your alarm being ignored again. Not only does this mean that your assets will be protected, it also offers peace of mind that someone is watching over your most valued possessions at all times. Don’t be afraid of leaving your property unattended over night, or on holiday. Never worry again about home invasion or crime affecting you and your family.

 Don’t leave the safety of your property in the hands of people who may ignore it at its most vulnerable. Trust Red Flag Systems back to base monitoring service to keep you informed and to protect you and your family. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Red Flag Systems offers competitive remote monitoring rates so call us today on 1300 685 504 to protect your business or home.