A door intercom is a communication system for use in commercial or domestic buildings which allows the occupants to conveniently speak or see any visitor upon arrival prior to giving access to the building.

A door intercom can be an audio or video system.  An audio door intercom allows the occupant to speak to the visitor prior to allowing entry.  A video intercom system allows the occupant to not only speak to the visitor but also see them on a video monitor prior to giving access.

A door intercom is a unit which is mounted near the front entrance to the property.  When a visitor arrives, the occupant is made aware of their arrival via a door bell.  The benefit of a door intercom system is that you don’t have to open your front door to find out who is there.  The safety of being able to confirm the identity of the person prior to letting them in can provide great comfort and peace of mind for the home owner or business owner.

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