Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk into a home that was welcoming, warm, and secure? And wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that without having to fumble around for different remotes and keys?

Home automation is the way of the future. Home automation can provide a range of options for you and your family that can all be linked to your security system. Imagine the thermostat in your home automatically adjusting when the security system was activated and deactivated, making sure to save power when you are out, but to have to house at the perfect temperature when you return. It would be like your house was personally welcoming you home!

Not only can you set the temperature, you can also set your lights to turn on and off in different sections of your house when you leave and when you come back. Never forget to turn your security lights off and on again! This system will warn away any potential mischief makers by making your house look occupied at the most important times.

Never worry about losing your keys again! By syncing your security system with your smartphone and devices, with the push of a button you will be able to lock and unlock your home. No more scrambling around in your handbag, or running late to pick the kids up because you have misplaced the keys.

Concerned about windows or doors being left unlocked after you have gone to bed? You can rest easy with a home automation system that enables you to set your security system and at the same time lock doors and windows. Or perhaps the kids have got home and forgotten the keys, but you are still at work and unable to get home to let them in. With the home automation system, you can unlock the house from your desk by using your tablet or smartphone. Check up on the kids from the same device by viewing your home camera system remotely. Never worry about the safety of your family again.

Home automation is the perfect way to seamlessly integrate your home and security needs. Easy and fun to use, the whole family will enjoy knowing that not only is your house secure, but it will be happily waiting to welcome you home whenever you choose to return.

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