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If you are looking to install security systems for your home or business, please have a look at our areas of expertise.


Red Flag Systems are intruder detection specialists. We supply and install alarm systems designed for reducing the risk of theft and damage to property and providing rapid response to break-ins. Using tried and tested sensors technologies and expert installation techniques, our robust and reliable alarm systems can be trusted to monitor your home or business without fear of false alarms.

We’ve partnered with one of Australia’s leading Grade A1 control rooms to provide an impressive range of sophisticated alarm monitoring services so that our customers can rest assured that in the event of an activation their alarm is quickly responded to.


The first objective in security risk management is to deter the criminal from attempting to breach the building’s security. The installation of a CCTV or video surveillance system helps win this psychological battle, where the increased risk of the criminal being caught can be enough to deter them from committing the crime in the first place. And if an incident occurs a CCTV system will provide valuable evidence, observing those involved and assist in identifying persons or vehicles of interest.

At Red Flag Systems we are experts at the supply and installation of CCTV systems. Whether you’re trying to deter intruders, monitor valuable assets or supervise your staff’s safety, our range of high definition IP video surveillance systems will help keep you covered.

We also offer customised remote video verification and virtual patrol services – providing a more informed and rapid response to alarm activations and an effective alternative to traditional guard-based manpower.


Access control systems allow authorised personnel to enter controlled, restricted or secure spaces by presenting an access credential to credential reader. In short, it keeps the bad guys out and lets the good guys in. Controlled by PIN, fob, swipe card, fingerprint or facial recognition, they increase security and leave an auditable trail of where your people have been.

We specialise in the installation of access control systems to secure apartment buildings, office blocks, factories, warehouses, and remote gates. Scalable systems that control multiple sites, or standalone systems for a single door, and smartphone technology that allows you to monitor and control the movement of people or vehicles from wherever you are.


You’ve secured your building and kept the intruders out, but how do you let visitors in? This is the job of an intercom system. Providing the convenience of a doorbell but with the added security of allowing you to screen visitors before granting or denying them access into your building. An intercom system can be integrated with an access control system to control entrance doors, boom gates and roller doors. And monitored and controlled from a single handset in a reception, to hundreds of handsets in an apartment building.

At Red Flag Systems we’ve partnered with some of the best intercom suppliers in the security industry to provide our customers with a range of reliable and high-quality intercom systems. From upgrading out-dated systems in high-rise apartment buildings, or installing multi-entrance intercoms for industrial sites, we have the expertise to ensure the smooth flow of visitors into your site.

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