Security providers in Australia are legally required to be licensed under the The Private Security Act 2004. This act was created to protect clients with security and peace of mind when employing anyone in the security industry. In the State of Victoria, any company providing security services must have a Private Security Licence or Registration issued by Victoria Police.

As a licensed security provider, Red Flag Systems takes seriously the right of its clients to check its license and registration. Any member of the public can check the license status of any company employed in the security industry by going to the Register of Licence, Registration and Permit Holders at:


The information contained on the register includes the following information about security providers:

  • Name
  • Licence or Registration type
  • Licence or Registration number
  • A list of activities authorised to be carried out under the license or registration, and
  • Licence or Registration expiry date.

If you are considering employing a security company, or have already done so, it is important that you check they are legally licensed under State law. If they are not you could find yourself with shoddy workmanship, incorrectly installed equipment, and the risk of unverified and unlicensed individuals having access to your home and workplace.

Keep yourself safe and check your security provider’s licence today!