Did you know that you’re likely to reduce your insurance premiums if your home or business is protected with a monitored security system.  It is well known that properties without security are more likely to be burgled than homes and businesses that are protected with a security system.

Insurance companies will generally reduce premiums if the property has a back to base alarm installed, as a monitored security system adds an extra layer of protection to your home and business, creating a safer environment for your family and business.  Monitored security systems reduce the likelihood your home or business will be broken into. That means there is less chance you’ll file a claim with your insurance company saving not only yourself money but also your insurer who passes on the savings back to you.

Red Flag Systems recommends home and business owners take advantage of a monitored security system not only for the obvious safety features and peace of mind it offers, but also because most insurance companies will reward you with reduced premiums. Another reason we advise all property owners to get a security system with professional monitoring is because it can help protect you from the emotional stress caused by catastrophic events like burglaries, home invasions and fires.

Red Flag Systems suggests the best way to deal with a burglary is to prevent it from occurring in the first instance.  We can assist with the installation of a monitored security system through out Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.  Call us today for a free quote on 1300 685 504 or visit our website for our full list of services including home security alarms and business security alarms.  We offer a range of remote monitoring packages to suit your needs and budget.