1. Avoid the obvious.  They may be easier to remember, but avoid using codes for your alarm system such as your year of birth, postcode or last the 4 digits of your telephone number, as they are also easy for someone else to guess. And definitely don’t leave the code as the system’s default such as 1234 (a surprising amount of people do)!
  1. Change your code regularly. Using the same code with your home security alarm system for prolonged periods can cause the same buttons on the key pad to become worn, making it easy for someone to guess your code.  And by changing your code regularly (we recommend every 6 months) you can prevent all the people you have given the code to in the past, such as cleaners and tradesman, from disarming your alarm system without your permission.
  1. Different codes for different people. Most security alarm systems can be programmed to have multiple codes and it’s a great idea to issue every person who has access to the alarm system their own code.  Not only will this allow you to keep track of who has accessed your alarm system and when, using the system’s event log. But you can also simply delete a user’s code if they no longer require access to your property without needing to change everyone else’s code.
  1. Don’t forget your code. An obvious point, but if a system’s master code is lost or forgotten your alarm system will most likely require a complete reset in order to recover the code.
  1. Know your emergency codes. If your security alarm system is being monitored by an alarm receiving centre (ARC) or a security monitoring centre (SMC) it’s a good idea to set up an emergency duress code.  This code, used to disarm the alarm system when you are under coercion or duress from an intruder, will also send an emergency duress signal to the monitoring station, alerting them to your situation. The intruder will be none the wiser to the hidden alert you have activated, until help arrives….At Red Flag Systems we can reset codes for most makes and models of alarm systems throughout Melbourne and The Mornington Peninsula, so if you have an alarm system but no code, give us a call today on 1300 685 504.